“Digitizing the Ephemeral: Reconstructing Museum Exhibitions Attended by Jane Austen”

Professor Janine Barchas, University of Texas   “DIGITIZING THE EPHEMERAL: RECONSTRUCTING MUSEUM EXHIBITIONS ATTENDED BY JANE AUSTEN”   Wednesday, April 19, 2017 4:30 PM USDAN 108   Professor Barchas will take us through the making of a major digital humanities project, the digital gallery What Jane Saw, which offers a room-by-room reconstruction of two public … Read more

Visualizing Knowledge Exhbition & Competition

Visualizing Knowledge Exhibition |Spring 2017 In May, Wesleyan is holding its first student exhibition to showcase examples of visual knowledge and data visualization from across the campus. If part of your work in class, in your research or thesis–or anywhere–involves knowledge visualization, this is an opportunity for you to share what you do and see … Read more

“Novel Analytics from James Joyce to the Bestseller Code”

Professor Matthew L. Jockers, University of Nebraska Thursday, March 2 4:30 PM Russell House Refreshments provided   In a New Yorker article in 2014, Joshua Rothman asks, provocatively and rhetorically: “If you’re an English professor, how should you spend your time: producing [close] ‘readings’ of the literary works that you care about (art), or looking for … Read more

Data, Computing and Journalism

Andrew B. Tran Monday 2/13, 4:30 PM, Allbritton  103 Snacks and refreshments will be available Increasingly, journalists are turning to tools that were once solely the domain of data analysts and computer scientists to create compelling visualizations and enhance their storytelling. Newsrooms are using accessible technology to process big and open data to assist in … Read more

“Fighting Poverty with Data: Research at the Intersection of Machine Learning and Development Economics” with Joshua Blumenstock ’03

Friday, April 15th at 12pm in Downey House 113. In wealthy nations, novel sources of “big data” from the internet and social media are creating new opportunities for commercial profit, enabling new approaches to social science research, and inspiring new perspectives on public policy. In developing economies, however, fewer sources of robust data exist, and … Read more

“Signaling not Persuasion: the Surprising Power of the Presidential Bully Pulpit” with Justin Grimmer, Stanford

Thursday, March 24th at 4:30pm in Russell House Why do Presidents “go public”?  We use novel natural experiments, social media data, and extensive news analysis to show that Presidents have little direct effect on public opinion when they appeal to the public.  Rather, we argue, Presidents go public to signal to Congress that an issue … Read more

Matthew Daniels: “Depiction, even over Description: How Data Journalism is Changing the Art of Storytelling”

At 4:30 on Wednesday November 4th, in 41 Wyllys, Room 112 In cooperation with the Allbritton Center, the Digital and Computational Knowledge Initiative (DACKI) is pleased to be bringing Matt Daniels to Wesleyan next week to give a talk Wednesday and then to meet with students in classes and small groups on Thursday. He is … Read more

Textual and Content Analysis: Introduction to Problems and Projects (with Manhattans & Martinis)

To mark the end of the teaching year, DACKI will be hosting its third year-end, relaxing introduction to the digital, featuring Manhattans & Martinis. On May 7th at 4:15 in Allbritton 311–the room with the view–come for a cocktail, some snacks, and conversation. We’ll listen to several of our colleagues share their reflections on trying … Read more