Textual and Content Analysis: Introduction to Problems and Projects (with Manhattans & Martinis)

To mark the end of the teaching year, DACKI will be hosting its third year-end, relaxing introduction to the digital, featuring Manhattans & Martinis. On May 7th at 4:15 in Allbritton 311–the room with the view–come for a cocktail, some snacks, and conversation. We’ll listen to several of our colleagues share their reflections on trying to engage with digital and computational textual and content analysis in the classroom and in research.

There are a wide variety of software and methods available that promise to let us see and use our texts and entire textual corpora more effectively. Some also allow for parsing interviews, sounds, and visual content. In some cases, the data might be big, vast streams of tweets or advertising, but in others they are conventional bodies of literature or even just a few texts seen in a new light. Possibilities seem endless, a bit intimidating, and we hope to help by clarifying directions, since digital content analysis promises to enrichen teaching as much as research.

This should be a good way to start thinking of summer research and reading, and I hope to see you there.