“Novel Analytics from James Joyce to the Bestseller Code”

Professor Matthew L. Jockers, University of Nebraska Thursday, March 2 4:30 PM Russell House Refreshments provided   In a New Yorker article in 2014, Joshua Rothman asks, provocatively and rhetorically: “If you’re an English professor, how should you spend your time: producing [close] ‘readings’ of the literary works that you care about (art), or looking for … Read more

Data, Computing and Journalism

Andrew B. Tran Monday 2/13, 4:30 PM, Allbritton  103 Snacks and refreshments will be available Increasingly, journalists are turning to tools that were once solely the domain of data analysts and computer scientists to create compelling visualizations and enhance their storytelling. Newsrooms are using accessible technology to process big and open data to assist in … Read more