Allen Carroll: “Story Maps: Geo-Enabled Storytelling in the Digital Age”

Talk: Monday, November 17th at 3pm
GIS, remote sensing, GPS, and the Internet have transformed maps
from static documents into dynamic windows on a rapidly changing world. Combining
maps with multimedia content and user experiences comprises a powerful new
storytelling medium. Allen Carroll, former chief cartographer at National Geographic
and current program manager of storytelling at Esri, will describe his recent adventures
developing map-based narratives.


Allen Carroll is Program Manager for Storytelling at Esri. He leads Esri’s Story Maps
team, which develops open-source web apps that enable thousands of people to tell
their own place-based stories combining interactive maps and multimedia content. The
team also develops its own story maps in order to prototype new user experiences and
to demonstrate best practices for map-enabled storytelling. The team’s website is at In addition, Allen helps guide strategy for organizing Esri’s online
content and for serving its global user communities.
Allen came to Esri after 27 years at the National Geographic Society. As chief
cartographer at NGS, he was deeply involved in the creation of the Society’s renowned
reference and wall maps, globes, and atlases. He led the creation of the Seventh and
Eighth editions of the World Atlas, incorporating satellite imagery and innovative
thematic maps into the editions and integrating them for the first time with interactive
Web resources. He spearheaded the publication of many new maps and Web resources,
ranging from decorative wall maps and supplement maps for National Geographic
magazine to special projects featuring biodiversity, conservation, and indigenous
cultures. He is a former member of the National Geospatial Advisory Committee.