Visualizing Knowledge Exhbition & Competition

Visualizing Knowledge Exhibition |Spring 2017

In May, Wesleyan is holding its first student exhibition to showcase examples of visual knowledge and data visualization from across the campus. If part of your work in class, in your research or thesis–or anywhere–involves knowledge visualization, this is an opportunity for you to share what you do and see how other students in different disciplines use images to make and show knowledge.

How do we visualize the knowledge that we construct, especially from complex data and research? How have you turned your data or research into visual knowledge meant to convey information or conclusions to your audience? Submit your work and let’s all see.

The criteria for inclusion will be that the work be about conveying or establishing information in a mainly non-verbal form and needs to be original by the student or group of students. The work can have been used in your recent course work or research work. Work from all disciplines is welcome, whether from natural science, social science, the humanities or the arts.

Examples of data visualization include:

  • Data Visualizations
  • Infographics
  • Photographs, microscopy, or spectroscopy
  • Illustrations
  • GIS mapping
  • 2D image maps, digital renderings
  • Digital 3D visualizations, 3D printing, or sculpture
  • interactive displays or programs

The best submissions will be creative, innovative and facilitate a particular understanding of a topic through data synthesis, and will be judged by their success at conveying knowledge in elegant and productive visualizations.

Submissions may be digital or physical, but must be mobile and displayable in campus spaces. The visualizations will be printed for presentation as posters where appropriate but we will also facilitate other media for displaying dynamic or 3D visualizations as well.

There will be awards and prizes for some of the best submissions. Top prize will be $250.

If you are interested please complete this form–the form— by Thursday April 20 (earlier is better)  to receive exhibition details and information on available resources.  The deadline for submissions of artifacts is May 1, 2017.  Please also include a written description or summary of your submission no longer than three sentences.

Accepted works will be publicly displayed in Reading Week, when judging will occur, and again during Reunion and Commencement Weekend.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Digital and Computational Knowledge Initiative, the Digital Design Studio, and the College of Integrative Sciences.